Jewelry for a Cause

Little Pieces of Hope is a socially responsible jewelry company, made for the lovers, the dreamers and the wild ones at heart.

I started making jewelry my Junior Year in High School. We were learning about the World Water Crisis in my World Geography class, and something really stuck with me regarding that topic. We were shown all these graphic videos and images of the diseases people could get due to lack of clean water. I vividly remember looking around in class, and seeing every single student with a full bottle of water on their desk. For the next few days I just couldn't shake those images of sick families and children. Although I was only 16, I felt like I needed to do my part to help. Fast forward a few months, and my New Years Resolution was to build a water well in developing country with the help of Charity: Water.

I started by making these little white braided hemp bracelets with charms on them that said "Hope", "Love" and "Faith". Whenever I look back at it now I can't help but smile. I charged all my friends $3 for these bad boys. Needless to say it took a few years, and quite a few $3 bracelets to raise enough money for our water well. Thankfully I have a great support system that helped spread the word for my fundraising efforts.

Although I made jewelry in High School, it wasn't under the Little Pieces of Hope name. LPOH actually came into fruition when I was in school at Colorado State University. I was home one Christmas break and started making earrings to sell in my Mom's boutique at the time. I started posting pictures on Facebook and people were asking where to buy, and how to support the cause. In a few short days I started an Etsy shop, and created the Little Pieces of Hope brand.

After graduating from college, I didn't have too many leads job-wise that gave me the creative outlet I was wanting, while also the flexibility to keep LPOH alive. So I said to myself, ""What the heck, I've been doing this for a few years why not keep it going?!" I took the risk, moved back to Austin and decided to make LPOH my full-time job. I haven't looked back a day since!

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